Tools: Personal finance: combines your accounts into one easy to use budgeting and tracking service. You can log in, see where you spent money in the past, and create budgets and savings goals for the future.

11 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund Now

Everyone needs an emergency fund, because eventually we all deal with crisis and emergencies. Here are 11 good reasons to start one now.

15 Tips on How to Act in Interviews

Q: I have an interview coming up and I don’t want to make a fool of myself. What should I do?
A: Interviews are nothing to be afraid of. These 15 tips will help you succeed in your interviews.

10 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Presenter

Q: How can I give an interesting presentation without subjecting my boss/professor/class to Death by PowerPoint?
A: Here are 10 steps and 1 critical piece of advice for giving awesome presentations.

How to Use Words to Get What You Want

Q: Why should I care what words I use? Don’t they mean the same thing?
A: The connotation (subconscious meaning) behind words has the power to paint a picture for your audience.

How to Decipher Your Credit Report

Q: What is a credit report, and why should I care?
A: The most critical thing to look at when it comes to your credit history is your credit report – it is like a detailed financial report card.

How to Appear Confident (even if you’re not)

Q: How am I supposed to be confident at an interview or in a meeting when I feel like I know nothing?
A: Here are three easy ways to create the appearance of confidence and save you from yourself!

5 Simple Ways to Escape Your Butterflies

Q: When you were a senior, did you start getting nervous that you weren’t smart enough to do what you wanted with your career?
A: Of course! Here are a few things to keep in mind when the butterflies start to take over.

5 Steps in 10 Minutes: Creating a Personal Skill Inventory

Q: I need to find a job in my field, but to do that, I need experience. How am I supposed to get experience without a job?
A: …This exercise will help you identify skills that are relevant and necessary to get a great job in your chosen profession…