11 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund Now

Everyone has a crisis or emergency eventually. You’ve heard that saying about “best laid plans of mice and men..” Well, to prevent emergencies from completely ruining your life, you need to have a backup plan. One critical element of that backup plan is your emergency fund. Here is a slightly irreverent list of 11 reasons why you need to start an emergency fund now.

11 Reasons You Need to Start an Emergency Fund Now

  1. Car accident (even if you are not at fault, you need transportation)
  2. Car breaks down / flat tire
  3. Broken bone / stitches / drunken injury
  4. Emergency tooth surgery (hey, it could happen if you are clumsy and break a tooth)
  5. Apartment / house burns down with everything you own (I’d say this is an emergency…)
  6. Job loss (and inability to get a new one immediately)
  7. Death in the family across the country (last-minute flights aren’t cheap)
  8. Laptop gets run over (assuming your entire life is in that computer)
  9. Phone gets dropped in a puddle (assuming you don’t have a landline)
  10. Fight with roommate / family means you need to move out immediately
  11. Mafia comes after you for the money you owe them (better include interest!)


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