Career Center

The skill set you need for a successful career is one of my favorite topics to write about.

Finding a job, and hopefully a career you enjoy, is one of the hardest things in life after you graduate from college. The internet has made finding jobs and preparing to move thousands of miles away easier than ever, so you will be competing against people all over the world for limited opportunities.

Sounds scary, huh? But it shouldn’t be. This resource will help you to determine exactly what you should do to improve your chances of landing your dream job. It will cover the job search process, then cover letters, resumes, and interviews. I will help you to learn the ropes of your first job in the ‘real world’, to avoid common pitfalls and to learn how to excel.

I divided this resource into two parts. The first is those who are trying to find a new job or career. The second, Part II, is for those lucky (and smart) people who have jobs already, and who want to exceed the expectations most people have of new graduates.

PART I: Career Competition

Included in this section:
1. Resumes and Cover Letters
2. Job Search
3. Interviews
4. Etiquette
5. Appropriate Attire

Section 1: Resumes and Cover Letters

How to Use Words to Get What You Want

Section 2: Job Search

Coming Soon!

Section 3: Interviews

15 Tips on How to Act in Interviews

Section 4: Etiquette

Coming Soon!

Section 5: Appropriate Attire

Coming Soon!

PART II: Exceeding Expectations

Included in this section:
1. Basics
2. Continuous Education
3. Seizing Opportunity
4. Broadening Skills
5. Networking

Section 1: Basics

Coming Soon!

Section 2: Continuing Education

Coming Soon!

Section 3: Seizing Opportunity

Coming Soon!

Section 4: Broadening Skills

10 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Presenter

Section 5: Networking

Coming Soon!


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